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11 Aug 2017

Summer School "Ins and outs of the kidney"
The Radboudumc theme Renal Disorders participated for the first time in the Radboud Summer School. Twenty-three participants of 13 different countries enrolled in our ne... read more >>

Thijs Eijsvogels.JPG 
27 Jul 2017

Senior E-Dekker grant for Thijs Eijsvogels
Thijs Eijsvogels obtained the Senior E-dekker grant (355 keuro) of the Dutch Heart Foundation. This competitive grant allows Thijs to start his own research group and t... read more >>

26 Jul 2017

Veni award for Jeroen de Baaij
We proudly announce that dr. Jeroen de Baaij obtained a VENI Grant from the Nederlands organization for health research and development (ZonMW). Jeroen'... read more >>

14 Jul 2017

E. Dekker stipend for Yuehan Wang
Yuehan Wang (Master student in Biomedical Sciences) has been awarded an E. Dekker stipend (€3000) for her research internship at the laboratory of Prof. Duck-Chul Lee at Iow... read more >>

Joost Hoenderop.jpg 
5 Jul 2017

Turbo Grant for Joost Hoenderop
Joost Hoenderop has been awardered a TURBO grant to develop a novel colon-on-a-chip device that allows co-culturing of anaerobic gut bacteria with intestinal 3... read more >>

Retreat 2017 
30 Jun 2017

Retreat 2017: ‘Awesome days'
Friday June 29th, after priming the group members with strange text messages, the first Physiomics retreat started with a welcome word at the 7th floor of the Physiolog... read more >>

Esmee Bakker Gelderlander 
29 Jun 2017

Esmée Bakker live on the air
On June 29th, Esmée Bakker was interviewed by Radio 538 by Edwin Evers, Funx and De Gelderlander. The interviews were about a study in ~7500 American adults tha... read more >>

20 Jun 2017

ZonMW Off Road Grant for Jenny van der Wijst
Jenny van der Wijst has been awarded the ZonMW Off Road  grant. The Off Road program is focused on the development of an innovative idea towards proof-of-concept. I... read more >>

MartijnMaessen promotie 
16 Jun 2017

PhD degree for Martijn Maessen
Martijn Maessen obtained his Ph.D. degree in the Medical Sciences of the Radboud University Nijmegen after the successful defense of his thesis entitled "Cardiovascula... read more >>

12 Jun 2017

New Investigator Award for Thijs Eijsvogels
During the 64th annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Thijs Eijsvogels received the New Investigator Award from Dr Tongjian You. The Ne... read more >>

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