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Vici Award

Joost Hoenderop.jpg 5 Feb 2013

Joost Hoenderop received the superb news that he was awarded an 1.5 MEuro Vici grant for his project "Majestic Magnesium: a molecular gateway towards therapies". This is an extraordinary achievement. Congratulations Joost from all your colleagues !


Magnesium (Mg2+) is of central importance for a wide variety of physiological processes in our body, including intracellular signaling, neuronal excitability, muscle contraction, bone formation and it acts as essential cofactor in numerous enzymatic reactions. The overall Mg2+ balance is tightly regulated by the concerted actions of the intestine, bones and kidneys, which keep plasma Mg2+ levels within a narrow physiological range. Deficiencies in the Mg2+ balance result in serious health problems including tetany, ataxia, seizures, neuromuscular abnormalities and cardiac arrhythmias that can lead to sudden death. Mg2+-related disorders can be inherited in which magnesiotropic genes have been mutated or acquired in which drugs or environmental circumstances severely affect the Mg2+ status. Over the last years my group identified the first magnesiotropic genes but the functionomics of several transporters remains unclear. This multidisciplinary project is aimed at studying rare and acquired disorders to unravel (patho)physiological Mg2+-related processes in the human body. Elucidation of the genetic etiology and the underlying pathophysiology, will greatly increase our understanding of the normal physiology of body Mg2+ handling. Ultimately this will lead to better therapy for patients with Mg2+ deficiencies and to prevent long-term complications of chronic Mg2+ disturbances.


Vici Joost
Vici is one of the largest individual grants in the Netherlands and is intended for innovative and groundbreaking researchers. The researchers can use the award to further build their own research group over the next five years. In totaal 32 projects in all research areas were awarded. The success rate of the 2013 application round was 14%.


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