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A beautiful summer day

Lab Day Out 2018: a warm challenge

dayout2018 21 Sep 2018

After a lot of fun while thinking what we could do with the Physiology department this year, the program was set. When the day appeared closer and closer it turned out to be the sunniest day of September! So therefore, the back-up plans for inside activities were not needed anymore, and we enjoyed a great outside program. Some colleagues where a bit worried for a long bike trip, luckily we started the day nearby in front of the grass field of the Castle.

We started with the collection of the items brought by everyone, after which an auction started. Right from the beginning we saw different strategies and great enthusiasm by all team players of the department. Next, we played 5 different games for which every object could only be used once. Throwing with books, or water collection with tissues, this morning everything was possible. Although, after a battle between the teams, a shoot out question was needed to determine the winner of the morning activity.

Next, we cycled to the city center to enjoy a really nice and filling picnic from Bairro Alto in the sun. Sufficient food was needed for the afternoon activity where we played a city game between crooks and the police. New groups were formed by a genius system of Nicolai to get in touch with a variety of colleagues. A lot of money was collected, drug labs were started and multiple safes were robbed, while the polices were hunting the gangs and trying to keep everything in control.

Finally, everybody enjoyed nice drinks at the terrace of the Hemel, where also the dinner took place. After a nice starter and main dish, the dessert was really superior. On top of this, we closed the day with a great pub quiz and announced the overall winner of the day. Malou congratulations!

Actually, one movie can say more than thousands of words, so please click here, where you can find a nice compilation of the day. The rest of the pictures of the day can be find at our website: click here.

Thank you all for joining and the really pleasant day!

Your organizing committee of this year: Nicolai Gilling, Bram van Bakel, Lotte Tholen and Margo Dona.

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