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A guided tour for the Dutch Kidney Foundation

NSN 1 14 May 2018

The Dutch Kidney foundation (Nierstichting) and the Dutch Patient Organization visited with ~75 people the Radboudumc on Monday 14 May. 

Since 1968, the Nierstichting focuses on kidney patients in the Netherlands. Central goal is to improve the quality of life of kidney patients. They support scientific research into causes, prevention and improved treatment of kidney disease and kidney failure. This year, the Nierstichting celebrates its 50th years anniversary. As part of this celebration, 75 people visited our Radboudumc where they met and discussed with the kidney researchers of the Renal Disorders theme. This research theme organized an informative hands-on day on all kind of kidney research projects performed within our medical center. Employees of the Nierstichting experienced and learned in the morning about sectioning of kidney biopsies, culturing human kidney cells, measuring kidney function in zebrafish and many more. 

In the afternoon, a guided tour was organized in the anatomical and pathological museum where specific kidney preparations were shown and the newly established dialysis center within our hospital where the ins and outs of various dialysis procedures were discussed. 

Employees of the Nierstichting expressed their enthusiasm about the day and interacted with many researchers to improve their knowledge on the studied kidney diseases. 

The Radboudumc Renal Disorders theme would like to thank the Nierstichting for their continuous support to stimulate innovative research and to improve the possibilities in the treatment of kidney patients. 


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