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Dutch Day Out

Poffertjes, bicycles and trains

Sami openlucht 8 Oct 2017

On a lovely, sunny Sunday in October, the ion transport group decided it was time to further strengthen the knowledge on Dutch culture during the Dutch Day Out at the Open Air Museum in Arnhem. During this day, many colleagues joined together in showing our foreign colleagues the best we have got. It was a day filled with cheese making, poffertjes, bicycles and trains. Furthermore, the history of the Netherlands and important Dutch historical figures were investigated at the Canon, which is a beautiful and educative new addition to the museum.  It was especially nice that we had a large and 'gezellige' group and that the children of our colleagues joined us as well. It was a day during which we got to know not only the Netherlands, but also each other, a little better. 

Dutch day out

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