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Internship in Sweden

Stockholm has been quite an adventure

Internship 12 Mar 2018

Thierry van Wessel and Lisa van de Loo, Biomedical Sciences master students, just came back from living seven months in the beautiful city of Stockholm, Sweden. We spend 27 weeks as interns at the Karolinska Institute, both working on a different project. Thierry investigated under Prof. Dr. Martin Rottenberg the role of the parasite Trypanosoma brucei which crosses the blood brain barrier in an animal model. Lisa studied the uman Cytomegalovirus in prostate cancer in vitro in the lab of Prof. Dr. Jonas Frisén, to investigate if this virus could be a potential new therapeutic target to treat this disease. Thanks to the Erasmus+ scholarship, the Radboud University and Prof. Dr. Joost Hoenderop's mediation skills, we were very happy to be given this opportunity, which we took on as a joint adventure.

These internships gave us the chance to further develop our knowledge of the molecular pathways that were relevant in these projects and, to broaden our skillset of laboratory techniques most of which the basics we already acquired while studying at the Radboud University. Furthermore, we also gained knowlegde on how to write a scientific article, since we were expected to write an abstract of an article on the results we acquired during this period. Considering that all of this took place in an international setting, we were not only able to dive into the Swedish culture, but also into many others. This inspired us to look back and reflect on our own culture and to compare our views with others, from which we learned a lot.

In the weekends, we took the challenge upon us to see as much of the city as possible. We visited most of the museums and art-decorated subway stations, ate a lot of local foods and enjoyed the best (nature) sights that Stockholm has to offer. Usually, we did this with a lot of our Dutch friends  and family whom came over from the Netherlands to visit us for a few days, or with our new international friends - or with all of them together. Stockholm is the most beautiful place we have ever lived and we are already missing the giant lake in our 'backyard'. It is surely a city that we would want to visit again, soon.

We are very thankfull to have experienced all this. And the best thing is, that we were able to do this together. Not only our research skills improved, also did the knowledge of ourselves. Our advise for our fellow students would be to embrace an international opportunity with open arms, because we can tell from our experience, it is going to be even better than you dreamed of how it was going to be!

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