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Consortium Grant for Joost Hoenderop

Joost Hoenderop.jpg 1 Jan 2018

A nation-wide consortium of chronic kidney disease researchers has been awarded with a 1.7 million euro consortium grant from the Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting) and LSH-TKI. Joost Hoenderop and colleagues participitate in this consortium. The awarded research grant will bring together the research teams of Dr. Marc Vervloet (VUmc, Amsterdam), Dr. Martin de Borst (UMCG, Groningen) and Prof. dr. Jan-Luuk Hillebrands (UMCG, Groningen), as well as the companies Fresenius Medical Care, NedMag and Calciscon. This research team is a continuation of the succesful NIjmegen GRoningen AMsterdam (NIGRAM) collaboration, funded by the Dutch Kidney Foundation in 2011.

In the new research project, entitled NIer Gerichte Research van Arterie tot Mens: centrale rol voor Magnesium++ (NIGRAM2-plus), we will address relationship between magnesium and indicators of calcification propensity and their impact on vascular calcification. Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and death in patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD). Arterial disease, consisting of both calcification and inflammation, underlies these clinical events to a large extent. The NIGRAM2-plus consortium aims to uncover molecular mechanisms contributing to vascular disease, and to improve clinical outcomes associated with vascular calcification in CKD patients.


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