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Junior Kolff Fellowship

Grant for Jeroen de Baaij

Kolff Jeroen 5 Feb 2018

Jeroen de Baaij obtained a Junior Kolff Fellowship of the Dutch Kidney Foundation (Nierstichting). Jeroen's research proposal 'HNF1β: master regulator of cilia formation and electrolyte homeostasis in ADTKD-HNF1β patients' was awarded a Junior Kolff Fellowships of € 225.000. In this project, Jeroen aims to identify the transcriptional targets of HNF1β in the kidney that contribute to development of renal cysts, malformations and electrolyte disorders. Jeroen will correlate the phenotype of ADTKD-HNF1β patients to the expression level of gene targets of HNF1β-induced transcription in urinary exosomes. This non-invasive test of the consequences of HNF1B mutations may provide a novel diagnostic test to predict disease progression. The research proposal is a collaborative effort with Dr. Tom Nijenhuis from the department of Nephrology. 

The Dutch Kidney Foundation Kolff program aims to stimulate the quality of the renal scientific field in the Netherlands through providing personal grants that support all phases of a research career. The program establishes stronger links between research and patient care. Therefore, the research proposal of Jeroen combines fundamental and clinical research. With the Junior Kolff Fellowship from the Dutch Kidney Foundation, Jeroen will further pursue his innovative line of research on rare renal electrolyte disorders.





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