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Kolff Student Fellowship Abroad grant

Nierstichting 3 Apr 2017

Mark van Goor and Wouter van Megen have both received a Kolff Student Fellowship Abroad grant from the Dutch Kidney Foundation for their research internships.

Mark will perform a six-month internship, which will be part of a collaborative project with Prof. Yifan Cheng at the University of California, San Francisco. The group of Prof. Yifan Cheng resolved the first TRP (transient receptor potential) channel structure, TRPV1. Mark will be involved in the high-resolution structure determination of the TRPV5 calcium channel and obtain training in protein biochemistry and cryo-electron microscopy. Detailed structure-function analysis of the TRPV5 channel will deliver in-depth understanding of the molecular differences of channel function of TRP channels.

As part of his Honours Program, Wouter will perform a four-month internship in the lab of Prof. Paul Welling at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore. During his internship, he will study the molecular genetics and physiology of electrolyte transport in the kidney. In particular, he will be involved in a project that focuses on understanding the molecular signaling pathways that influence magnesium and sodium transport.

Mark van GoorWouter van Megen

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